Honoring Faculty of Mass Communication Dean of from Dr. ElKhosht     |     cooperation protocol between Faculty of Mass Communication and the Higher Institute of Applied Arts     |     Faculty of Mass Communication receives international accreditation for all its study programs from the German AQAS Foundation     |     Student in Ceremony of Student Activities      |     MCCU Participates in the best Environmentally Friendly Faculty Competition     |     Opening up prospects for international cooperation with international universities     |     MCCU Visit to Panteion University in Athens Greece     |     theater team at the Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo university presented the theatrical show (Three Seats on the Last Train) within the activities     |     Mass Comm. Conference Organizes Research Session to review Mechanisms of Manufacturing and Marketing Digital Content     |     Mass Comm 28th Conference Organizes Research Session to Review Ethical and Legal Controls for Digital Media     |     Launch of 28th International Conference at Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University     |     Training Workshops Held on Sidelines of 28th International Conference     |     In Presence of Journalists and Academics: MCCU Opens its Annual Scientific Conference on Content Industry in Digital Age     |     With Participation of Foreign Researchers … A Panel Discussion to Review Ethics of Digital Content Industry     |     Cairo Mass Comm." discusses pros & cons of applying "artificial intelligence and its applications in media content     |     Cairo Mass Comm.” discusses roles of content makers in new digital media environment     |     Cairo Mass Comm." discusses challenges of digital media technology and content industry     |     Cairo Mass Comm. Reviews Arab & International Experiences In Media Digital Content Industry     |     "Cairo Mass Comm." discusses effects of digital platforms on cultural identity     |     Cairo Mass Comm. Organizes Research Session To Review Research Trends In Digital Media     |     During The Activities Of The Second Day Of The International Conference... Academics And Practitioners Discuss The Limits And Challenges     |     Conclusion Of Cairo Mass Comm 28th Conference, "Media Content Industry In The Digital Age".. "Cairo Mass Comm" Conference Recommends     |     In presence of Vice President for Community Service Affairs "MCCU" celebrates the inauguration of the "Green Office" at the faculty's headquarters     |     latest news
Sun 04 Jun 2023

• Mass Communication Faculty (MCF) Leadership and Accreditation

Authenticity, leadership and modernness are our values… ,

The Department of Public Relations and Advertising

The Department of Public Relations and Advertising is one of the most diverse departments of the College of Media in terms of science and fields

English Mass communication Program (EMCCU)

Seeks to prepare and qualify distinguished graduates academically and professionally to be able to work in the media field ..

The Radio and Television department

Department of Radio and Television, Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University Pioneer in scientific research and studies in the field of Radio and TV…

PROF.Hanan Gunied Dean of Faculty

  • My dear students, ...

    In this new academic year, I am pleased to welcome all of our bright students who will be Joining the Faculty of Mass communication, Cairo University.  
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