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Human Resources Management Unit: Action Plan (2022-2023)
Dr.. Fathia Sabry
Lecturer in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising and Acting Director of the Human Development Department

Unit vision:
Achieving the best performance of excellence and keeping pace with change and development in training and integrated human development for faculty members, the supporting staff, and the administrative staff at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.

Unit message:
The unit seeks to bring about integrated human development in line with the needs of the local, regional and international labor markets in a distinct and competitive manner.

Unit objectives:
1- Continuous training of human resources in the faculty.
2- Acquiring new skills to keep pace with the rapid development in the external environment.
3- Benefiting from modern technology in facilitating the work of all human resources.
4- Developing the skills and capabilities of human resources in a way that supports the distinguished position of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.