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This department is considered one of the most versatile departments in faculty of mass communication which allow undergraduate and graduate studies’ students to study a variety of courses such as:  public relations, communication organization, crisis management, management of the image, reputation & identity, social marketing, and marketing communications & advertising, international communication, internet & communication technology and other branches fall under each of these areas. And that is show the scientific richness that the department offers to students through number of an elite group of teaching assistants and staff members

Department’s staff realizes that there are many obstacles and challenges that it faces to keep itself in competition, so it is seeking in the coming years to maintain its standing positon in fields of education, scientific research and community service. In addition to developing of the services offered to students in the technical and training fields inside and outside the faculty to make them qualified to meet the work field’s requirements.



Department’s mission is based on three main themes which are:

1.       A message of education through preparing elite students and researchers whom are aware of the scientific and practical knowledge and skills in the public relations and advertising fields.


2.       Research message through conducting conferences and the preparation of research and scientific thesis that matches the latest developments of research in the field of communication.


3.       Community service message through the studying  its problems and challenges and provide solutions and proposals to address them


By the end of public relation and advertising program the graduate will be able to:

·         Understand the work flow of public relations, its objectives, functions, the scientific basics for working in it, and the factors that influenced its evolution.

·         Understand the work flow of advertising and its different fields and the factors affecting it.

·         Analyzing public opinion and different audience’s opinions who deal with public relation’s institutions and to explore their opinions towards different advertisements they are exposed to.

·         Gaining skills of working in fields of public relations and advertisement and the ways of media management for local and international regulatory crises.

·         Practical application for public relation and advertising’s ethics and basics of international communication.

·         Ability of determining audience of public relations and international communication.

·         Ability of launching public relations’, commercial, communicational and international campaigns.