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>> Centre of Media Training, Documentation and Production  


The Centre of Media training, Documentation and Production was established in 1989 as a training and production unit. It operates under the administration of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.


Preparing media practitioners in various specializations and making them efficient and capable of dealing with media field requirements and developments.


•        Production of media materials (printed, audio and video).

•        Preparing media materials of educational nature for different organizations.

•        Working on media documentation of research, studies and media activities.

•        Developing media training for all organizations inside and outside of Egypt.


•        Journalismproduction section.

•        Radioand Television production section.

•        Mediadocumentation section.

•        Trainingsection.


A.   Journalismproduction:

a.      Publicationsdesign and production.

b.     Newspapersand magazines design and printing.

c.      Internetwebsites design and development.

B.    Radioand Television production:

a.      Documentariesproduction.

b.     Dubbingtelevision programs' commentary.

c.      Productionof audiovisual materials and multimedia programs.

C.    Mediadocumentation:

a.      Creatinga press archive.

b.     Creatingan audible and visible archive.

D.   Training:

a.      Organizing training courses to qualify students and graduates for the labor market.

b.     Holding seminars and workshops in media fields to develop the skills of media practitioners.


Radio and television training programs

•        Scriptwriting and TV program presentation.

•        TVnews anchor.

•        TVreporter.

•        TVdirecting.

•        TV filming.

•        TVprogram production.

•        TVediting Final Cut.

Journalism training programs

•        JournalismWriting and Reporting.

•        NewspaperLayout and Design.

•        Press reporting.

•        Photojournalism.

•        Electronic press.

•        Media organizations' management.

Public Relations training programs

•        Skills and arts of public relations.

•        Internet in public relations.

•        Presentation skills.

•        Communication skills.

•        Production of media materials.

•        Planning media campaigns.

•        Integrated marketing communications.

•        Direct marketing.

Various training programs in different fields

•        Webdesign.

•        Statistical analysis using SPSS.

•        Media translation.

•        ScientificResearch.

•        Crisis management.

•        Dumping and acoustics.

•        Arabic.

•        Etiquette and protocol.

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Address: Faculty of MassCommunication, Cairo University, mailbox: 12613.

Telephone: (00202)35675492.

Fax: (00202)37742443.


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