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>> Formation of the Faculty Board  

After reviewing Law No. (49) for the year 1972 regarding the organization of universities in the Republic of Egypt      

     Arabic and the laws amending it.  

And with the approval of Mrs. Prof. Dr., Dean of the College. 

And on the university’s budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021. 



 First: To approve the amendment of Resolution (200) on 7/10/202 regarding the formation of the College Council in the academic year 2020-2021 as follows:

1- Mrs. / Prof. Dr. Howaida Sayed Ali Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty as Chairman

2- Mrs. / Prof. Dr. Salwa Mohamed Yahya Mahmoud Al-Awadli, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs as member

3. Mrs. / Prof. Wissam Mohamed Ahmed Nasr, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies Affairs Research Member

4. Ms. / Prof. Hanan Farouk Junaid, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Member

5. Mr. / Prof. Sherif Darwish Mustafa Al-Labban, Head of the Press Department, Member 
6. Mr. / Prof. Ayman Mansour Ahmed Nada, Head of the Radio and Television Department Member

7. Mrs. Prof. Dalia Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud, Head of Public Relations and Advertising Department, Member

8. Prof. Dr. Mahrez Hussein Mahrez Ghali, Professor, Department of Journalism, member

9. Mr. Prof. Adel Fahmy Al-Bayoumi, Professor, Department of Radio and Television, member

10. Ms. Prof. Shaima Zulfiqar Hamid Zughaib, Coordinator of the English Division, member 

11. Mrs. Dr. Nermin Nabil Al-Azraq, Senior Associate Professor Member
12. Ms. / Dr. Samah Abdel Razek Al-Shahawi, Senior Teacher Member
13. Ms. / Dr. Laila Mohamed Abdel-Majeed, Director of Quality Unit Member

14. Ms./ Prof. Ragia Ahmed Kandil, Emeritus Professor, Department of Journalism, member 

15. Ms./ Prof. Nesma Ahmed Younis Al-Batruq, Emeritus Professor, Department of Radio and Television, member 

16. Mr./ Prof. Mahmoud Youssef Mustafa Abdo, Emeritus Professor, Department of Public Relations and Advertising, member 
and from outside
17- Professor / Hussein Zain, head of the National Media Authority, member
18- Engineer / Hossam Ahmed Mostafa Saleh      

  Executive Director of Al-Masria for Media Services, member

19- Mrs. Naela Farouk, head of the Egyptian TV


, second member: - The competent authorities must know and implement.                      

      " Dean of the College "

(Prof. Howaida Mustafa)