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>> Centre of Public Opinion Research  

General Opinion Centre.

Centre establishment

The Public Opinion Research Centrewas established in 1982 as a scientific, research, training, and advisory unitof a special nature affiliated with the Faculty of Mass Communication, CairoUniversity.

Centre mission

Serving the Egyptian and Arab societybased on the available capabilities and continuous cooperation with ministriesand institutions concerned with public issues through conducting research andstudies, and providing scientific advice based on a studied methodology.

Centre objectives

·       Conductingstudies and scientific research on political, economic and social issuesrelated to Egyptian society.

·       Measuringpublic opinion trends towards current vital issues.

·       Exchangingscientific opinions through holding specialized conferences, symposia andworkshops.

·       Developingthe functional skills of research cadres in the field of public opinion.

Centre areas

Scientific researches andstudies:

·       Conductingscientific studies that provide the necessary information to supportdecision-making.

·       Studyingpublic opinion issues using methodological techniques, and their repercussionson Egypt and the Middle East.

·       Studyinginternational political, economic, social and media issues of interest toEgyptian society.

·       Preparingfuture studies that depend on reality data.

Society service:

·       Strengtheningscientific relations with international and regional organizations andfederations.

·       Increasingsocial and cultural awareness and enriching the Arabic library by publishingbooks and refereed studies.

·       Encouragingand developing the scientific research movement that addresses the variousissues of the Egyptian and Arab society.

Researches Cadres Training

·       Theencouragement of Egyptian and Arab to expand researchers to go deeper in thestudy of issues and problems facing the Arab region.

·       Organizingtraining courses for the employees in government agencies and institutions,which related to their activities and their scientific interests.

Organizing specialized training courses to trainscientific researchers and develop their scientific experiences and theirscientific skills