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From the Press Institute to the Faculty of Mass Communication…
The beginning of media studies university in Egypt is back to 1939 when the “Institute of Higher press” was established" which was later known as "liberation and Translation Institute and press," the Faculty of Arts - Cairo University.
The gratitude of the establishment of the institute goes back to Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Azmy and Prof. Dr. Taha Hussein, and the institute was awarded a diploma equivalent to a master's degree.
In 1954, the institute turned to the “Department of editing, translation and journalism” at the Faculty of Arts, giving bachelor's degrees and master’s and doctorate, and chaired by Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Hamza.
On December 19, 1969, Cairo University Council approved the transfer of the Faculty of Arts section to the independent Institute for Media, the study which began in March 1971 for graduate students and in October of the same year, for undergraduate students.
In 1974, the Media Institute turned into faculty of Mass communication to be the first School for Communication in the Middle East, with three scientific divisions: the journalism and press publishing, radio and television, public relations and advertising.