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>> The Publishing Rules in Scientific Journals  

1)     The decision to publish a research depends on the opinions of two professional judges to determine the validity of publishing the research.

Researches in Arabic or English are accepted.

A summary no less than 3 pages is presented along with the research in a different language other than the one used in the research.

2)     The research shouldn't be less than 25 pages and no longer than 40 pages size A4. Each additional page will cost 10 pounds.

3)     The journal receives 3 computer printed copies of the research.

The name of the author and the title of his research are written on a separate cover.

Margins and references are identified by numbers inside the text. The list of margins and references should be at the end of the research and not at the end of every page.

A soft copy of the research on a CDshould be presented to the journal. Page size is 19 x 12 cm.

4)     The researches that will not be published will not be returned to their authors. The journal will keep all publishing rights. A written approval should be given before republishing a research that has already been published in the journal. 

5)     The research or study shouldn't have been published before in another journal.

6)     The researches are published by order of publishing approval.  

7)      The journal approves publishing scientific researches conducted by professors. The journal also approves publishing book reviews, new articles, and studies conducted by researchers in both Arabic andEnglish.