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>> Vision & Message and Goals  


Put a strategic plan for student's activities in order to improve the faculty; provide the optimum environment for students to practice the programs and extracurricular activities alongside the educational process. Develop the students' creative skills in addition to improve the evaluation culture to reach the total development theory.


Execute the different plans, programs, and activities. Best use the assets and human resources. Develop students' skills and make the best use of their free time in order to optimally use their energies and help them acquire diverse ideas and skills.


·         Prepare a generation capable of leadership and decision making.

·         Develop the different cultural, social, artistic, families, and scouts talents.

·         Raise cultural, social, religious, and sport awareness, and scientific thinking.

·         Provide the opportunity for students to better know the teaching staff and learn from their expertise.

·         Provide the environment suitable to solve the financial or moral problems.

·         Help to best construct students on both the social and psychological, and educational levels.

Important warning:

The faculty is not responsible for any unauthorized or unofficial trips that are not supervised by the youth care department. We advise all students to be sure about the organizers of any trips and their correlation with the faculty and youth care department in order to preserve their safety.