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Welcome to Electronic ProfessionalMaster's

Welcome to Electronic ProfessionalMaster's, which is provided by the Faculty of Mass Communication, CairoUniversity, where we are pleased to provide all the information the visitorneeds about the electronic master’s, its objectives, advantages, theopportunities it provides to the student, as well as the admission requirementsand the work team responsible for implementing the electronic master’s plan,with a review of some information about the academic elite who study themaster’s. The site also provides information on communication with thee-learning unit, and how to register for the e-Master’s program offered by thefaculty.

E learning

* The e-learning is the method ofteaching and learning using electronic media in the process of transferring andcommunicating information between the teacher and the learner, such ascomputers, networks, media such as sound, image, graphics, electronic libraries,the Internet and others.

Ministerial Decree

After reviewing the approval of Cairo University`s Board in its session held on 28/3/2007.

And the approval of the Media Studies Committee in its session held on 27/12/2007, 17/5)

And the approval of the Supreme Board of the universities held on 8/2/2009.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research issued his decision approving the establishment of a master's degree in media sciences by e-learning method on 24/6/2009.

What is the electronic professional master’s degree?

·      The electronic professional master’s is an educational system that grants the student a master’s degree by studying 12 online courses during four semesters, in addition to a supplementary semester in the event that a bachelor’s degree in media or a diploma in media is not obtained and the study period ends with obtaining a master’s degree.


Top News

- The application for the professional master’s degree has been extended until 11/October/2018.

- Submission of the electronic master’s degree from 1/9/2011 until 30/9/2011.

- There is a fine of 100 pounds for anyone who exceeds this period.


The Electronic Professional Master's grant the following advantages:

·      Obtaining the professional Master`s degree without any need to stop working.

·      Saving the hardship and costs of transportation.

·      Providing the opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in media for non-graduates of media faculties.


Master`s Degree Registration

It could done through the student`s account:

-Through the account the student will be able to download the school curricula of all subjects that the student register to study and interact with its professor.

- The student can also upload the answers of activities and assignments and know the grades of the yearly performance score for each subject registered in it.