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>> Vision & Mission  


The Faculty of MassCommunication aims to sustain and support its leading position as one of theoldest media schools across the Arab world. It also attempts to achieve adistinguished position on the international level.



The faculty is committed topreparing distinguished graduates in all media fields. It qualifies them with sufficientknowledge as well as professional and technological skills to increase theircompetitiveness in the local and global job market. The faculty aims to raisegraduates’ commitment to social, professional, and ethical responsibilitiestowards the society. It also conducts scientific research that corresponds to thesocietal priorities, issues, and problems.



1.    Leadership by achieving a competitive advanced positioncompared to other media schools.

2.    Excellence by ensuring the quality of the final output of theeducational process.

3.    Continuous development in work performancethrough the permanent desire to keepup with developments in advanced societies.

4.    Future vision through exploring the modern media developmentsand their applications in Egyptian society.

5.    Educational process democracy through ensuring the inclusion ofall relevant parties with the setting thefaculty’s policies.

6.    Academic and research freedom that is committed to societalvalues, ethics, and traditions

7.    Partnership and cooperation by supporting the cooperation andpartnership between the faculty,on one side, and mediaor executive institutions,on the other side.

8.    Governancethroughmonitoring performance and ensuringtransparency.

9.     Justice and impartiality through preventing prejudiceagainst any category or class.

Huge effort has been exertedto stipulate these values that further reflect the faculty’s vision andmission.  Relevant parties joined variousmeetings and brainstorming sessions. A sample of professors, students and adminstaff were recruited in a survey to express their opinions towards these valuesand their level of priority.

The strategic goals and objectives


Final Goals is to achieve the following

1.     Distinct institutional capacity that enablesthe faculty to achieve its goals and objectives.

2.     Efficient educational system for theundergraduates.

3.     Efficient educational system forpost-graduates.

4.     Outstanding scientific research linked to theneeds of society and its priorities.

5.     Distinct and independent student characterthat improvein their professional future after graduation.

6.     Strong connection between the faculty andsociety.

Strategic objectives

       I.           Raising the institutional capacity of the college:


1.     Develop the administrative capabilities.

2.     Complete automation of administrative work in the faculty.

3.     Improve the performance of the updated administrative units inthefaculty through linking it to the organizational structure.



      I.           Raising the efficiency of the educational system for the undergraduates:

1.     Constantly developtheskills of faculty members and their assistants.

2.     Improve the ratio of the number of faculty members to the students.

3.     Develop of the registration systems.

4.     Develop curriculums.

5.     Develop new programs that meet the needs of the labour market.

6.     Develop of practical training systems for students.

7.     Develop the library and information and communication systems in thefaculty.


   II.           Raising the efficiency of the educational system for post-graduate:

1.     Set a new bylaw for post-graduate studiescredit hours system.

2.     Develop of new programs in post graduatestudies.

3.     Use E-Learning method in new post graduateprograms.

4.     Establishjoint degrees with internationally distinctmedia schools.

 III.           Raising the efficiency of scientific research and linking them tosocietal priorities

1.     Increase the number of scientific research and encourage professors toproduce international scientific publications

2.     Develop peer reviewed journals that can achieve a high impact factor.

3.     Constantly evaluate and develop the faculty’s research plan


  IV.           Ensuring an atmosphere of equality, freedom, democracy and justice inthe faculty

1.     Fairly distribute tasks across the admin staff according to jobdescription

2.     Fairly distribute scientific and teaching burdensacross the facultymembers according to scientific degrees

3.     Employ clear mechanisms to achieve justice among students in theeducational process

4.     Fairly distribute tasks across workers


    V.           Forming a distinct and independent student character that improve theirprofessional future after graduation:

1.     Support student activities

2.     Increase training programs to acquire skills necessary to enter thelabour market


  VI.           Strengthening the connection between the faculty and the society:

1.     Improve the performance of the units that providestudent counselling andtraining

2.     Supplythe societal and media-interested institutions with findings offaculty’s research on role media in society