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>> Center for International Media and Intercultural Communication  

Center for InternationalMedia and Intercultural Communication

Goals of theIMICCenter:


-        Opening up to the successive developments in the media industry andstudies while also bridging the gap between currentchanges and initiativesin Egyptand the changes in the outside world.


-        Facilitating access to global experiences in addressing thedifficulties faced by the media industry in Egypt and introducing theseexperiences to decision-makers in the public and private media for guidance.


-        Studying the problems of the international media from the Egyptianperspective and activating the Egyptian presence on the international scene. Inaddition to providing assistance to the Egyptian media to open up to foreignaffairs and avoidbeing limited to local concerns by learning about what ishappening outside the borders and benefiting from them.


-        Opening channels of intercultural communication with the world's majorcultures, which at the same time have become the world's economic powerhouses.


-        Enriching the Egyptian culture, which has been declining due to thecultural closure. Therefore, this center, with its activities, can contributeto the development of mentality and interculturalvalues among young people inparticular and Egyptian citizens in general.


-        Providing study programs and workshops in intercultural communication acrossvariouscultures.


-        Supporting prospects for cooperation with research centers around theworld and develop advanced joint study and research programmes.


-        Introducing the concept of the “Knowledge Hub” through cooperation withspecialized centers at Cairo University and other universities to expand thescope of the center’s work and programs to include political, economic, socialissues and languages, in addition to media and cultural communication affairs.