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Electronic Education
Good morning dear students
 I am dr. Hayat badr a phd holder and the manager of the electronic education unit in faculty of mass communication

First of all it’s a pleasure to record this video to be published in our first English website and it’s a great opportunity to let you all know more about the electronic education unit and its activities .
It is known that we have entered the era of digitization and digital transformation, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, in which it resulted in the online learning experiences and electronic transformation of courses
Our faculty has taken the initiative to establish an e-learning unit, which is based on organizing the online learning process, conducting virtual lectures, and training faculty members, b and students to deal with various platforms and create electronic courses.
The e-learning unit obtained the ISO certificate in business continuity and is currently seeking to provide other services to enrich the skills of our students, graduates and those belonging to the media field by providing training courses in all areas of digital media, data journalism and data verification to qualify students for the labor market and train them on everything that is new
Finally, the E-Learning Unit always welcomes you and invites you to follow all its news on our website and Facebook page of the electronic learning unit and hear all your suggestions for development and improvement.