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The unit seeks through its activities to improve the community service and to communicate with the different groups of people in order to reach them whether inside or outside of the faculty and the university.

Additionally, the unit seeks to develop the surrounding environment through activating the means to the societal development and having a positive impact on the people.


1)   Developing criteria and indicators to measure the efficiency of the services being provided as well as to measure the satisfaction of the community.

2)   Documenting the societal activities addressed to the community. The unit offers consultations to many sectors through the help of the centers and special units responsible for the societal activities and the different training programs in the field of media.

3)   Presenting educational programs using faculty's tools. The unit seeks to participate in providing job opportunities through a recruitment fair that includes companies and channels working in the field of media.

4)   Activating the contribution of all societal parties in its sessions. It also seeks to participate along with the societal parties in the design and implementation of the training and educational programs through the establishment of round tables in order to study the needs of the parties dealing with the special units.  

Collaborating with the different departments in the faculty, especially with the department of youth care, to implement and execute the special programs designed to protect the environment inside and outside the faculty.