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The English section was established in the academic year 2006/2005 and it seeks in addition to the mass media study to master the English language, to prepare and qualify graduates distinct academically and professionally to be able to work in the media environment and face conditions of current status.

It urges them to compete in the labor market through the study of different materials and try to broaden their skills in terms of dealing with modern technology and tools, and through interaction in both English and Arabic in addition to a set of skills throughout the fouryears.

Preparing graduates to have the scientific and professional knowledge and to be distinguished by his knowledge of all aspects of media work.

English Section's objectives:
-Training students on basic media skills.
- Give students a solid academic basis in various areas of mass communication.
- To improve the Students' language skills in Arabic and English.
- Provide the students with appropriate training and experience in the field of mass communication.
- develop students' skills in critical thinking.
- To emphasize the crucial freedoms and responsibilities of the media, which should be the basis of any comprehensive communication process