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Book title: Freedom in ContemporaryMedia: Rights and Responsibilities

Author: Professor Laila Abdel Maguid–Professor of Journalism

Publisher:Alarabyfor Publishing andDistribution

Year: 2021

Thisbook discusses the freedom of the media in the digital age. It explains therights and responsibilities of media practitioners within the current medialandscape.




Book title: Critical Vision of Media Literacy Studies in theRecent Decade

Editors: Professor Nermeen Al Azrak (Professorof Journalism), Dr. Hayat Badr (Assistant Professor of Marketing and PublicRelations), Sarah Khater and Nada Hamouda (Tas in the EMCCU) 

Publisher: Faculty of MassCommunication, Cairo University

Year: 2022

Inthis book students conducted various review analyses about different medialiteracy topics: Digital Literacy, News Literacy, Advertising Literacy, GamesLiteracy…and more.