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Seminars and conferences

The opening of a training course in “False News and Global Misleading” during the period from 23 until 25 of November 2021.

The summary of the opening and closing report of the Media Youth Forum in its second version 12-14 December 2021.

Faculty of Mass Communication concludes the events of Media Youth Forum with the participation of 14 Egyptian and Arab universities. Dr.Howida Mustafa: The protocol of students training in Rosaelyoussef..and Continuing to hold the forum annually 6-10-2021.

Faculty of Mass Communication honours its students of “People of Determination “..and discusses the human rights for whom of special needs 29-12-2021.

The development of practical and field training at Faculty of Mass Communication in two events in the departments of Radio and Public Relations 23-9-2021.

Webinar about the Metaverse: the expertise claim the necessity of activating the initiative of Digital Awareness  in order that families could be aware of the dangers of social media.. and the use of the Metaverse in the promotion of the  Egyptian archaeological tourism , Faculty of Mass Communication 27-12-2021.

-The festival of Television Production master`s students creations, 23/1/2022.


Prof. Dr. Howaida Mustafa the guest of Appointment With An Author in order to discuss her book Media and Sustainable Development in order to recognize the role of the media in the sustainable development issue, the episode will be recorded in the information centre studio of Information and decision support centre of the Egyptian Cabinet, on 25/1/2022.


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