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Training in Al-Ahram Weekly and Al-Ahram Online for English Section Students

English Section students has joined the training program of

 Al-Ahram as part of ‘Hosni Gendy Scholarship’ in September2022.

They participated in the training course along with students from BeniSuef University, British University and the American University in Kuwait. They trained in Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper as well asAl-Ahram Online. Together they represent the promising youth who have greathopes in the future.



EMCCU Congratulates all its Outstanding Students on Being Awarded the ‘Hosni Gendy Scholarship’

The English Section of the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University (EMCCU) congratulated the wonderful students who finished their training course earlier this September.

This course is considered the second one in the training program offered by Al-Ahram to train students in the Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper and Ahram Online website.

Internships for EMCCU Students at 925 Magazine


The English section in the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University (EMCCU) has announced its collaboration  with 925 (Nine to Five) Magazine, the digital platform and the subsidiary of Influence Communications to provide internships for EMCCU students.


This collaboration will provide paid internship programs for EMCCU students majored in Journalism and PR.