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About the Library:

The library of the Faculty of Mass Communication (FMC) offers a variety of sources to researchers. These sources include books, peer reviewed journals,dissertations and theses as detailed in the figure.   


The FMC library also offers a variety of services to its visitors from students.These services can be listed as follows:

·        Reading inside the library(journals, books, and theses)


·        Free access to surf the internet


·        Search service in international databases via the website of Egyptian Universities network


·        Search service in the library database


·        Ongoing briefing service


·        Answering all the inquiries whether by phone or inside the library


·        Borrowing service: Those who can benefit from this service are undergraduates, Teaching Assistants (TAS),assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors.


·        Photocopying from books,theses, journals, and conferences.



To visit thelibrary:


2nd Floor,Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University.



·        Arabic Library : (02) 35675464

·        English Library: (02) 35675463



·        9am-5pm (during the Academicyear)

·        9am-3pm (during summerHolidays)


Please Note: Researchers from outside the Faculty of Mass Communication Cairo University are allowed to use the library on Monday and Thursday only.