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international accreditation

The concept of International Accreditation

It is considered a basic sign of distinction and advancement of the University or the Faculty, which is certified and approved by Global academic institutions.

Moreover, it boost sits nature and confirms that it meet high-ranking standards of education,services and fair academic performance.

Furthermore,the students, parents, faculty staff and administrators consider International Academic Accreditation as the ultimate yardstick for university or the faculty quality and its level among the rest of the world's universities.

Likewise,achieving international accreditation means that the University or faculty has highly experienced and professional professors. In addition, the university provides a positive learning experience for students and supply them with high-value qualifications.

This accreditation includes many criteria set by the Ministry of Higher Education in accordance with the decisions of the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation and the various international accreditation agencies. Whereas the availability of this global measure also helps to ad hereto the periodic actions of universities or faculties to self-assess themselves as they need to be developed or changed. Therefore, they can focus their efforts on preparing a plan to consider the issues as well as redefining the new goals and challenges they face.

That means.

To start from where the others finish improving and developing education inside the state, to improve the counterespionage in the context of global competitiveness to attract students from other countries to join its universities and its faculties.

It also means that the graduate has more access to gain a job, as holding a degree from an internationally recognized university increases this opportunity and proves that the graduate has received outstanding training and education and has worked hard to obtain it.

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