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>> Centre of Press Heritage  


The centre of Press Heritage was established in 2003. It operates under the administration of the Faculty of Mass Communication, CairoUniversity.


Conservation of Arabic and Egyptian press and media heritage,writing the history of media and press pioneers, developing the skills of media researchers and experts and the creation of a comprehensive press database.   


•        Conservation of Arabic and Egyptian press and media heritage.

•        Writing the history of media and press pioneers.

•        Documenting issues addressed by newspapers and preparing files of different topics published in the newspapers.

•        Creating a comprehensive press database.

•        Conducting research and studies on the history of press and media in Egypt and the ArabWorld.


•        Documentation of press heritage in Egypt and the Arab World.

•        Providing information and documentation services.

•        Preparation of evidence and encyclopedias in different issues.

•        Preparation of conferences, seminars and panel discussions.


•        PressHistory Unit.

•        Press and Media Documentation Unit.

•        Study and Research Unit.

•        Newspapers'Views Unit.

•        PublishingUnit.

•        Researchers'Training Unit.

Address: Faculty of MassCommunication, Cairo University, mailbox: 12613.

Telephone: (00202)35675484 – 35675485.