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>> Practical Training  

The practical training for students includes these aspects:

a.      Courses related to practical themes:

Students are being practically trained through a number of courses such as: public relations research, advertisement management, creativity in advertisement, basics of production of promotional materials (1) & (2),protocol & ceremony, public relations in practical fields, social marketing, commercial campaign’s’ management and others in different fields like:


1.      Communication research methods and basics of preparing scientific papers and writing reports.

2.      Planning and executing integrated marketing communication’s campaigns.

3.      Planning and production of promotional material by using of computer, printing houses and internet.

4.      Presentation skills and conduct presentations.

5.      Training on basics of etiquette and protocol of organizing conferences or special events.

6.      Crises management

7.      Scientific analysis for applied case studies


b.     Training at computer labs:


Department seeks now to implement an ambitious plan to meet the needs of the practical training for students and this will be done through two stages:


1.      First stage: To train teaching assistants and assistant lecturers in the department on the preparation and production of various information materials such as publications, brochures, billboards, Internet sites and other skills.This training will be held by a number of well-known professional trainers in the field.


2.      Second stage: department’s teaching assistants conduct training for students on those skills at faculty’s computer labs. And to make both second and third level’s students well aware of dealing with Photoshop CS5.