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>> Practical Training  

 The students are trained Section in the faculty's studios and through the following courses:
A related courses training
Students are trained through radio and television production, and Vocals , directing and performance.
(B) training topics:
The  practical training raises awareness to topics and different areas as follows:
For the second level students they are trained  to know the studio equipments and to have a general knowledge  about the radio and its components and the different stages of production. As for the third level students they are being trained on writing drafts and radio news and learn about the diverse types of news bulletins. The training also includes the production of some forms of television and radio news , such as investigations, magazines, radio.
(C) Training hours:
Training is divided video and radio , where students are trained in three levels two hours each week are exchanged between the Divisions radio and video.
(D) the college studio:
 Within the framework of the comprehensive modernization of the studio of Radio and Television in the faculty, the management  built a new studio that was established to serve the practical training in the field of RTV art and to provide the students with the necessary skills to engage in media work, It's creation coasted around 2.5 million pounds, the Plateau area of
200 square meters. 
(E) Instructors:
 The Training is held by professors, teaching assistants, experts , staff members of Radio and Television Department .

(F) Training outputs:
After the training period -a year- the student  (at the second level) can manage the studio efficiently and record audio clips on his studio equipment and have the basic background of the production process. A third level student after this training can produce a news bulletin on his own in addition to his ability to conduct radio interviews. 

G-Evaluating the students
The evaluation  of the second and third level students through their participation in practical training and teamwork skills and seriousness in fulfilling its mandated tasks , and the student gets at the end of the semester  a pass or fail in practical training without degrees.

External Training:
Within the framework of the keenness of the management of the faculty  for  more practical training the faculty organizes training courses for students during the summer vacation with a number of television channels, whether governmental or private channels, in addition to a number of radio stations and the department divided the students into groups to take follow-up trainings .

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