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>> Quality Unit Functions  

  1. Preparing a self-study of the Faculty of Mass Communication annually in order to set a full investigation about the points of strengths and weaknesses as well as the threats and opportunities which in turn allows for improvements in different aspects.
  2. Participating in the preparation of the Faculty's strategic vision as well as its mission and goals, which in turn improves the performance efficiency.
  3. Participating in setting and improving reference criteria of academic programs.
  4. Publishing and circulating the guiding data and prints to spread awareness of quality culture.
  5. Preparing and coordinating seminars, training courses, and workshops for faculty members as well as administrators and students in order to engage them all inthe development projects plus creating a public opinion that supports the quality project and deals with resistance of change.
  6. Working and coordinating with the Programs Coordinators Committee to prepare the descriptions of the courses and programs and evaluate them as well as preparing the quarterly and annual reports.
  7. Following up the reports of both external and internal reviewers in coordination with the scientific departments.
  8. Cooperating and coordinating with the Center for Quality Assurance at Cairo University concerning the training and following up as well as benefiting from the technical advice which it renders.
  9. Doing research and polls to identify the students' attitudes towards the educational process, and to determine their future needs as well as doing polls oriented to the national and private mass media people to identify labor market needs.
  10. Following up with graduates in coordination with the Graduates' Training Unit and the Faculty of Mass Communication Alumni Association.