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Dear students of Faculty of Mass Communications Cairo University,

With the new start of our faculty under a new academic administration, I welcome you and I wish you a successful and an energetic academic year and I wish for you to complete it by scoring the highest grades.

Dear students, I advise you to study hard and best benefit from your time either by studying or extracurricular activities; social, sport, and cultural student activities enrich the student's expertise and provide him with the opportunity to interact with his peers either in his/her faculty or others.

Dears, the university is a place for educating the minds and disciplining the manners. I wish you best use your academic years to have serious constructive discussions with your peers and professors surrounding the different social life issues on the ground of mutual respect, constructive arguments, listening, and respecting the different viewpoints. 

Dear students, I promise to give everything in my power to help solve all the problems and obstacles that you might face in the faculty. I expect much discipline, energy, and hard work from you. I'll be very glad to see each and every one of you completing your academic year with achieving what you aspire for.


Prof. Dr. salwa elawadly

Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs