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First Faculty for Mass Communication in the Middle East
Department of Journalism
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Department of Radio and Television
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The Oldest University in Africa and the Middle East - Cairo University
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>> The Services Provided  

1)     Reading inside the library (journals, books, researches)

2)     Free access to surf the internet

3)     Search service in international databases via the website of Egyptian Universities network www.eu1.edu.eg

4)     Search service in the library databases

5)     Search service in the library databases Alis

6)     Ongoing briefingservice

7)     Answering all the inquirieswhether by phone or inside the library

8)     Borrowing service:Those who can benefit from this service are: the undergraduate Students of thefaculty, the Teaching Assistants, the Teacher Assistants and the Doctors andProfessors.

9)     Photocopying specificsections from books, theses, journals, and conferences.