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>> Official papers to be extracted  

Students Affairs administration:

1.      Provide the incoming students with folders(equivalent certificates – complementary exams)

2.      Tuition payment and student card extraction.

3.      Railway subscription.

4.      Underground subscription.

5.      Certificates and their fees.

6.      Hostel paper accreditation.

7.      Youth Care social search.

8.      National ID papers accreditation.

9.      104 form.

10.  Central library form.

11.  Students' Union candidacy.

12.  Passports papers accreditation.

13.  Providing copies of any documents in the student's file.

14.  Extract student card replacement.

15.  Exams results review.

Academic Guidance and Registration administration:

1.      Printing the general academic schedule.

2.      Printing the academic schedule of each student.

3.      Printing the general exam schedule.

4.      Printing the exam schedule of each student.

5.      Printing a statement case for each student.

6.      Thestudents' results.

The Academic Agenda