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>> Specialized Diplomas  

Cairo University offers diploma in Mass Communication upon request of the Faculty of Mass Communication in one of the following majors:

-         Diploma in Media Ethics andLegislations “specialized diploma”

-         Diploma in Media Management andEconomics “specialized diploma”


System of Study: the period of study is one academic year

Registration requirement – required documents:

1-      Bachelor degree with grade (good)

2-      Birth Certificate

3-      Military status

4-      (6) personal photos

Registration conditions: the student must obtain BA or BSc from one of the Egyptian Universities or equivalent degree with grade (good)

 Courses for MediaEthics and Legislations Diploma “specialized diploma”:

-         Legislation of New Media

-         Laws of Communication and freedom of information

-         Media Legislations in Egypt

-         E-Commerce and Copy rights laws

-         Media Ethics

-         Freedom of media in the Light ofPublic Freedom and Human Rights

-         General Introduction to Law

-         Crimes of Journalism andpublishing (case studies and problem-solving)

-         International and Arab world MediaLegislations


Courses for Media Management and Economics Diploma“specialized diploma”:

-         Media Techniques &Production

-         Human resource Management

-         Social &New Media Management

-         Marketing & CompetitiveStrategies

-         Media Economics

-         Leadership

-         Research & Development

-         Graduation Project