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>> Vision & Mission  


Starting a precise vision of the current situation at the faculty surpassing both its advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses and pinpointing the current potentials and priorities, for the purpose of developing an overall image for the enhancement policies and executive programs.


Ensuring the presence of quality at the faculty though continuous progress in terms of the performance and evaluating this performance in a manner consistent with the message of the faculty to achieve the ultimate purpose of enhancing educational quality which guarantees the quality assurance credence.


1.      Spreading the concepts of quality assurance amongst faculty students and staff.

2.      Enhancing the academic standards in accordance with national and international standards.

3.      Developing concise evaluation criteria over a large array including academic, research, administrative and social fields to guarantee better performance in the future.

4.      Proposing methods for enhancing performance to ensure the ultimate usage of current resources to fulfill societal needs and guarantee the credence of quality assurance.

5.      Earning trust from graduates, academic institutions and the whole society with regards to the educational quality and graduating highly qualified students who have potential consistent with international standards.



1-     Conduct the annual report of the faculty in order to develop the overall perception of the strengths and weaknesses, threats and potentials available to allow the selection of areas for improvement.

2-     Participate in the preparation of the strategic vision, mission and goals of the faculty in order to achieve improved efficient performance.

3-     Participate in the development and enhancement of benchmark academic programs.

4-     The publication andcirculation of publications and indicative data to raise and spread awareness of quality assurance concepts.

5-     Preparing and coordinating of seminars, training courses and workshops for faculty academic staff, administrative staff and students in order to involve all elements of the faculty in development projects, and to create a public opinion supporting the quality assurance plan and works to get rid of any resistance to change.

6-     Coordinate with quality assurance coordinators to prepare programs and courses description and evaluation and prepare of semester and annual reports.

7-     Follow-up reports presented by the external and internal assessors in coordination with the  faculty’s scientific departments.

8-     Ensure the cooperation and coordination with the Quality Assurance Center at Cairo University in the areas of training and follow-up and take advantage of the various advices and recommendations it provides.

9-     Conduct research and opinion polls to learn about the students' attitudes toward learning process,and identify future needs and prepare public opinion polls aimed at the media practitioners in the state-owned and private media to identify the labor market needs.

10-  Follow-up of graduates in coordination with the graduates training unit and AlumniAssociation at the faculty of mass communication.