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>> Academic guidance  

The faculty assigns an academic guide from the teaching staff for each student to guide him/her to choose the courses that best suits his/her capabilities and potentials. The guide's rules continue with the student until he/she graduates. It goes beyond the registration to involve studying the student's psychological and social state, follow his academic record, and track his studying abilities. The student should always be urged to consult his guide throughout the semester. The guide's opinion is only advisory; the students is completely responsible for the courses he/she chooses to register in.

Courses Registration:

1.      The minimum number of credit hours for the student to register in is 9 credit hours, 3 courses per semester. The maximum number is 18 credit hours, 6 courses per semester.

2.      The student withdraw a registration card from the Academic Registration administration.

3.      The students seek the academic guide for advice to choose the courses that best suit him/her and write them down in his/her card and sign it from the guide.

4.      The student head to the Academic Registration administration to fill the online registration form.

5.      The student receives his/her courses schedule that includes a timetable for the courses he/she registers in.

The student should consult with his/her guide before he/she goes through the drop and add process.