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End Of 8th Training Course On "Fake News And Disinformation" At Faculty Of Mass Communication

the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University concluded the activities of the eighth training course organized by the Faculty in cooperation with the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation, entitled "Fake News and Disinformation" under the auspices of Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of the University and the supervision of Dr. Hanan Gunaid, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication.

The activities of the third day of the session included discussion lectures by Dr. Heba Al-Semari and Dr. Nermin Al-Azraq, under the title "Digital Culture in the Face of Fake News", and touched on ways to deal with media content published through social media platforms (social networking sites), explaining what is related to the concept of fake news and its types, stressing that this news aims at the deliberate spread of misleading news through traditional media, digital media, and especially social media.

The activities of the training program also included a lecture on mechanisms for confronting false news, including doubt and dismantling, the structure of misinformation, where the attendees touched on how critical thinking is the first way to reveal the structure of media disinformation and that emotion limits the critical mentality and makes it biased towards some opinions and trends, and that the political and entertainment contents is the most misleading type of content, while sports and economic content are the least, and that the year 2020 witnessed a major development in this imbalance after the spread of the new Corona virus, as fabricated news spread and began to appear on the surface strongly.

The conclusion of the training course included a lecture on methods of confronting information warfare and the role of the media in confronting such types of information wars, in which examples of applications of information misinformation methods and how to deal with misleading content, especially those related to political affairs, were presented.

The attendees discussed methods for confronting media and misinformation in the context of events related to the foreign policies of countries, and introducing methods for confronting misinformation and mechanisms for mobilizing global public opinion in the face of the global misinformation war.

At the end of the session, the participants were honored and certificates distributed by Dr. Hanan Gunaid, Dean of the Faculty, and Mr. Hani Abdel Malak, Director of the Egypt Office at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation

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