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 electronic newspapers for the activities of the 27th International Scientific Conference of the College of Information at the end of next May

 International Scientific Conference of the College will be launched on May 29-30, which this year bears the title “Challenges of the Arab media in light of sustainable development plans: Towards a future vision for reform and development.”

Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, and headed by Prof. Howaida Mustafa, Dean of the Faculty of Information, Cairo University

Where Prof. Howaida Mustafa, Dean of the College and President of the Conference stated that this year's conference is full of distinguished academic participation from Egyptian, Arab and foreign researchers and media experts, adding that it is held in cooperation with the International Association for Communication, and this association is one of the oldest scientific societies concerned with media and communication sciences and issued by it. Many discreet scientific publications and assume the functions of the coordinator of the regional partnership Dr. Hanan Badr, the teacher in Cairo flags, and the convening of the conference coincides with the college's celebrations of its golden jubilee - the fiftieth anniversary of its establishment.

Prof. Wissam Nasr, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Secretary General of the Conference also stated that the conference administration received more than fifty research and studies that discuss the conference's themes, namely, the media and reform issues in the Arab world, Arab media and human rights, Arab media and national security, health and educational media challenges in The light of sustainable development plans, media education in the era of digital transformation, artificial intelligence techniques in the media field
The role of traditional and digital media in addressing the 2030 sustainable development plans has received a large number of research papers, including:Independent cinema and sustainable development plans 2030, digital media investment in raising awareness of Egypt’s sustainable development plans, the Egyptian government’s use of social networking sites to promote sustainable development goals, use of electronic applications as digital communication channels in light of Egypt’s 2030 vision, the role of media in educating the public about smart cities to promote sustainable development Addressing the new media for development programs directed to poor areas by applying to the initiative of a decent life, digital media marketing for governments’ efforts to support development plans, communication methods in digital platforms for corporate social responsibility and its role in achieving sustainable development goals, digital marketing strategies for the efforts of the Egyptian government and its role in supporting sustainable development plans Addressing issues of women's empowerment in talk shows and its relationship to supporting sustainable development plans
Some research also deals with environmental issues and climate changes, including: digital media’s treatment of climate change risks through YouTube, media coverage of the National Water Resources Plan on official pages on social media, public attitudes towards environmental issues via Facebook,
and some media research discusses the Corona pandemic, including: The role of social networking sites in shaping the public’s attitudes towards societal acceptance of receiving Covid 19 vaccines, the role of the Ministry of Health’s digital platforms in enhancing psychological toughness among crews
Medical care in light of the new developments of the Corona virus, as well as a number of researches that dealt with media education and culture, including: media education as a mechanism to enable university students to confront the fifth generation wars, the role of media education in raising awareness of the danger of rumors among Jordanian youth, the role of media education in safe use For digital media, the role of media culture in shaping parents’ awareness of their children’s use of digital platforms
. Some research also focused on artificial intelligence techniques and their applications in the media, including: Employing artificial intelligence applications in websites advertising departments, the societal impact of employing artificial intelligence techniques in traditional and modern media, reflection of techniques Artificial intelligence in the form and content of the media message presented through newspaper websites
Some research deals with the challenges of digital transformation in education in Egyptian universities, as well as the effects of digital transformation on the quality of designing electronic press websites

Prof. Dr. Laila Abdel Meguid, head of the media committee of the conference, added that the committee is working to provide distinguished media coverage of the activities of the conference, whether research sessions or discussion seminars, by providing all facilities and media material for the conference to fellow journalists and media professionals in all traditional and digital Egyptian, Arab and foreign media, given the Because of the importance of the issues and topics discussed by the conference and their connection to the challenges facing Arab societies and the Arab media


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