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Speech of Prof. Dr. Nermeen 
Head of the English Section 
Welcome to the Faculty of Mass Communication, 
Cairo University! Welcome to the world of enjoyment when 
you educate at EMCCU where your university education 
years will be an exciting and unique experience with the 
famous media professors not only in Egypt but also in the 
whole Arab World and Middle East.
Welcome my dear students to the world of media and 
mass communication as EMCCU at Cairo University 
provides exciting educational opportunities for you to 
broaden your knowledge about media and to help you to be 
professional media persons and unparalleled figures in the 
field of communication. We offer different necessary and 
up- to- date courses that prepare students for success in their 
practical life and to comprehend all the details related to the 
communication process. 
At EMCCU our dear students you will enjoy different 
seminars, workshops, competitions, activities, training 
courses besides the practical and theoretical lectures and 
tutorials. Be sure that your gate to be a superb professional 
will start from these years when you educate at EMCCU.
Through various courses such as; Script writing, 
Radio& TV, Editing, Marketing, Advertising, Media 
translation, Photo journalism, TV Shooting, International 
communication, Journalism, Media regulation, Magazine 
layout & design, Production, Fine arts you will discover and 
learn how to work efficiently in media and in the relevant 
fields of marketing and public relations. 
Wish you all the best in your university life and my 
advice to you is to do your best to enjoy and get benefits 
from all the professors and experts you will meet at 
EMCCU, Cairo University. 
Prof. Dr. Nermeen AlAzrak
Head of the English Section